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chased the sun…

After the longest day of our lives (literally, the sun was up for a LONG time, because we headed west the whole day…not to mention 1 canceled flight and 2 crowded flights..etc.)…we arrived in Kauai, HI. You can check out my wife’s blog, or our friends, the Brabson’s for updates on daily activities/pictures/etc. Not cause I think it’s silly to post such things, but letting go of the burden/need to is healthy for me. 🙂

It really is ridiculously nice here. You couldn’t get a bad picture if you tried. Well, maybe that’s not true. Taking a picture of certain people snorkeling with only the pasty white rears visible might produce undesirable results.

But for real…it’s nice.

In John Wesley’s sermon on the New Creation, he talks about some of his thoughts on what things will be like when God restores all things. Among them, the fact that there will be no need for an ocean, dividing the continents. With this, you have more land, to hold all the inhabitants, and you have greater unity among the people. Now I dunno about all that, but it sounds nice. But hopefully they have really big lakes, and parts of the land with freezing temperatures (for the hockey fans). Who knows….but being on “the Garden Island” definitely makes you think of what creation will look like when it’s ultimately restored/renewed/whatevered into God’s future/now Kingdom. I’m pretty sure God can make palm trees grow through ice….that’d be one killer hockey rink. 🙂

Another really important note: When you snorkel, wear sunscreen…especially on your back. It’s no good if that’s the only place you DON’T have it. Dumb, even. 🙂 Oh, and prying a lobster out of it’s nook with your snorkel is not a good idea. Their heads come off really easy. (sorry creation)



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