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Mr. Kato…thanks for the cheese…

So, when the Anderson’s arrived finally to our resort in Kauai…beautiful as everything was…even more welcoming was our room. “Deluxe Ocean View” it’s called….because….well… can view the ocean from it.

Also included in our first experience of the room, was a large plate of cheeses and fruits/crackers…and a card addressed “Welcome, Mr.Kato”. It had been dated that day, so we knew it couldn’t be rotten yet, and looked stinkin’ tasty after 10 hours of flying. So I called the front desk. “Go ahead and eat it” they told me…”but give the card to the concierge”.

As awesome as that room temperature cheese tasted, I’m pretty sure it would have tasted better if it had been intended for me. (and if it was just a bit cooler, ensuring my wife that it hadn’t gone bad in the 24 hours it’d laid bare)

I’m sure there are many ways we can try and make this fit a great illustration. About enjoying things meant for someone else (doesn’t taste as good, and might make us sick). About claiming something as our own, as opposed to just enjoying it through someone else (more fulfilling, and a better experience, etc). About how cheese tastes good even if it may have spoiled, etc.

But for me and my family….we will thank Mr.Kato. Wherever you are…



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