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Tim Hortons and the issue of "fresh"…

So while we were in Michigan, I came upon my very first TIM HORTONS shop. For my fellow citizens of the United States, Tim Hortons is a very popular donut/bakery/coffee/breakfast stuffs place in Canada. They’re everywhere.

I’ve seen their logo surrounding hockey rinks on TV all over the place. I’ve had my Canadian friends tell me how incredible they are. So when I found out Lansing, Michigan actually had a few of ’em, I knew I would have to try it out. But I had to make sure I did my part for the visit. So I called.

The manager told me my best chance to get a hot donut was to come at 6am. So a few days ago, while in Michigan, I got up a couple minutes earlier than usual, and skipped the shower…..and drove out to Tim Hortons in Holt, Michigan. I smile now, as I remember the conversation that followed:

Mrs. Horton: Good morning, how can I help you?

Me: Good morning, this is my first Tim Hortons’ experience, so I wanna make it good, do you have any fresh donuts?

Mrs. Horton: Oh, all of our donuts are fresh!!!

Me: Oh, really? (genuinely excited at this point) Well, which ones are the warmest still?

Mrs. Horton: Well, none of them are warm, they’ve been made for a while now. Really early this morning. But they have a shelf life of over 8 hours!

Me: Um…so you don’t have ANY hot donuts?

Mrs. Horton: Sorry, no….but I can put one in the microwave for you?

🙂 And she did. And yeah, it was better than a cold donut. But seriously Canadians….I’m not sure what all the fuss was about. I was even told they rival the great Krispie Kreme. I now stand on the other side of this experience and say…..nope. Krispie Kreme tastes better, AND they know what I mean when I ask for a fresh donut. (they even advertise freshness with a light)

I’m sure there are spiritual applications to this….but I’ll let you make them on your own. 🙂

(To Mr. Hortons’ credit, he doesn’t advertise fresh donuts, he advertises fresh coffee. Unfortunately, even fresh gas station coffee doesn’t mean it tastes good.)



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2 thoughts on “Tim Hortons and the issue of "fresh"…

  1. Here is the thing that really matters though, Tim Horton’s continues to grow at a steady pace, they are going up all over upstate NY, while Krispy Kreme has been closing up shops all over the place.Seems that quality isn’t as much of an issue as actual business skills 🙂

  2. But Tim Horton’s has the greatest 2am atmosphere. Its like the whole SteaknShake hangout for those w/o TH, but oh so much better.

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