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why the what?

Okay, so most of ya’ll know I’m a nerd these days. Something happened in me after college, and I’ve been reading books like they’re going out of style ever since.

Wish that would’ve happened to me before or during college.

Anyways, in the midst of reading something currently, and thought I would put it out there as a recommendation. It’s called “What is the What”, by David Eggars.

It’s a true story of a “Lost Boy” (not Eggars, but an escaped refugee from Sudan), but because much of it happened when he was very young, there are a few details he had to fill in creatively. Because of this, it had to be billed as a “Novel”.

It’s his story of how he survived (barely) the conflict in Sudan. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard of Darfur, and perhaps a few stories of what’s going on, and that “it’s bad over there”. But to actually hear a personal story of a boy who lived to tell about it, and the way he’s able to word things…..has been very helpful.

It’s also his story of how he came to the USA. Christian organizations who help refugees like this, most of us only get to hear about them from their point of view. (i.e. how many souls they’ve saved, how many refugees they’ve rescued, etc.) To hear his experience of coming to America, and what happens to him and many others once they arrive is definitely a message churches caught up in Justice should be listening to.

I won’t give too much more away, although I’d love to post more on where the title came from. It’s definitely a rich read. But the larger your heart is, the more difficult some of the pages might be to turn.



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