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5 Months….

Yeah, I know 5 months isn’t a popular “marker” in infant development. But I realized I haven’t blogged much about our newest addition since she was added. So here it is…an update. 🙂

She’s HUGE. No growth hormones involved here folks…she’s just a large baby. In the picture above we asked her to do the infamous “sunken cheeks” that most models pull off. She had a tough time, as you can see.

Because of her size, it’s been a little harder for her to catch on to the “rolling over” concept. Just nailed it for the first time last week at Grandma O’s house. But instead of the usual “tummy to back” roll made popular by her predecessor Addison, she opted for the “back to tummy”. A little more difficult, but much more rewarding.

Holding her hands just slightly, she can pretty much stand for a long time. This gives you time to count the rolls on her arms and legs (15 last time I counted).

She still has much more reflux than Addie ever had, and when she misses a dose of medicine (Prevacid) you can totally notice it. But it’s subsided a little, and crying just a little bit less these days. She even sleeps through the night, which is AWESOME. Her bottle-taking ability seems to be waning, but it might just mean she’s ready for the “rapido” stage…”lento” is just not cutting it. (if you don’t know what that means, it’s okay)

Addie is lovin’ on Sophie…..although most of the time we have to help Addie when she wants to be helpful. Just to make sure no one gets hurt. 🙂

Her cry…..oh man. Piercing doesn’t cut it. Imagine a raptor from Jurassic Park, with it’s tail caught in a blender. This girl can wail, when she wants to. But usually she reserves it for special occasions, thankfully.

Continuing to learn, and hopefully getting just a little better at all this…lovin’ it for sure…:)



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