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oh poo.

So last week, on a stormy night, Sarah and I pulled the curtains back to watch some pretty awesome lightning/rain/etc. It was pretty cool. But it ended quickly, and we were sittin’ there watchin’ darkness. It was late, so we kicked on the tube to see what was on at that hour.

Enter “Rev. Peter Popoff“. Oh man…this guy was hilarious. Ever seen “Fletch Lives” with Chevy Chase, where you’ve got the fake Televangelist who hears information from his assistants through an earpiece, and has fake healings and what-not? This Popoff guy is TOTALLY doing that. And his mannerisms, etc…oh man. It had to be fake. But it was totally serious. Thousands of people attending his services, all obviously “in need”, or “looking for something”.

Kinda funny. Mostly sad that this guy would be allowed airtime.

Anyways, he’s talking about this “miracle manna” that he got a recipe for in the Bible, and that if you eat it, and follow his specific instructions, God’s got some incredible blessings for you. At that moment, my wife said “you should totally call and get some for free”.

So of course, with her already on board, no convincing was necessary, I called Popoff. Told him my “need” was thousands of dollars in college debt, let’s see him conquer that. This past saturday, I got my “miracle manna” along with instructions.

Of course, it’s all in fun, and I was hoping it’d make an entertaining blog post. I ate the manna as instructed, although I’m not sending him money as instructed (duh Popoff, remember….I don’t have any?). Today I finally opened up the Bible to look up where he got this recipe for “Miracle Manna”.

I hope he didn’t follow the recipe exactly. – Ezekiel 4:9-15

You see, it’s the bread God gave the Israelites as punishment. They were given the ingredients, and told to bake it on human dung. After some complaints, God relented, allowing them to bake it on cow dung. But still. I ate that junk.

After doing some research on Popoff, I’m really surprised he’s still allowed to do anything public without everyone exposing him as a crock. He was destroyed by an investigation back in the 80’s and it was even broadcast on the Tonight show (& most recently on “Inside Edition”). But I suppose it’s a whole new generation of desperate people out there now.



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One thought on “oh poo.

  1. Hello,I actually came upon this cracker in sort of the same manner. However, I am the Postmaster in a Far Northern Arctic village, and as such see a few thousand dollars a month flowing this guys way from my small poor village. So when I stumbled upom his “display” I was saddened that he was taking money from our local elders, who frequently do without food, electricity or heat due to poverty, but they insist on sending money to this heartless bastard. I wish there was some way to convince these well meaning people of his deceptions. It makes me sad, just another White Man stealing from the local people’s, very sad. I have no religious views, but sometimes I hope there is a hell, so these individuals have a place to live upon thier deaths. Take Care.

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