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I’ve been noticing something lately. Stories all over the internet, in books, and in sermons that illustrate aspects of humanity being taken on by other animals.

A lion that reminds us how love conquers all.

A goat that reminds us not to be judgemental.

A dog that reminds us of how simple it can be to love someone.

Etc. People get emotional, inspired, and teary eyed, and say….wow, what a good point.

I should probably be honest and say….I don’t think lions, goats, or dogs do any of those things.

I love my wife. Not like a lion loves it’s owners after being gone for a year. Not like a dog loves it’s owner, even when the owner doesn’t do much for the dog. And not like the rooster loves the Sun.

But rather…like a man loves his wife. Inspiring story to go with it? Well, I did take out the trash this morning. It was some nasty stuff, smelled gross, and was really heavy. In my mind I thought, “Sarah would be disgusted by this, and it would probably take her several trips. I’ll take it out to the street myself.”

Moved to tears? Inspired to go love someone else in such a way? I thought so. 🙂

I’m not saying that these animal stories are bad to have around. Not even saying the world shouldn’t use them. I’m sure they actually do help move people emotionally, and that can be a very good thing. But just saying, I’ve had enough of them for awhile. 🙂

Let’s be humans that can inspire each other by the way we are human, so that we don’t have to look elsewhere in the animal kingdom for inspiration as much. K?



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3 thoughts on “animals…

  1. Humans just don’t do the ‘puppy face’ as well as dogs :). I’m a sucker for movies like Homeward Bound, though I bet they could replace the animal characters with humans and tell a pretty good story.

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