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a "Jesus Museum"?

So probably on a weekly basis, things like this hit the news.

This one stands out a little bit, because at least in this article, she doesn’t actually tell us she believes God purposefully made this Cheeto resemble the crucified Christ, and/or that it means she or her household/family are blessed.

But I haven’t heard/seen her other interviews.

We know that not everyone who sees the image of Jesus in things is a nut, right? Some of us just enjoy poking fun at those who take it VERY seriously in ridiculous objects having certain patterns, etc.

But she does mention toward the end of this article, she’s keeping it in a safety deposit box in order to best decide how to display it safely to the public. Which made me wonder two things:

1. What do people keep in safety deposit boxes? I knew it wasn’t all gold and jewelry….but seriously….a Cheeto shaped like Jesus? I imagine a VERY disappointed bank robber down the road. Have you ever used a deposit box? What’d you keep in it?

– Before I proposed to Sarah, I’d bought the engagement ring 8 months in advance. Kept it in a safety deposit box, waiting for the right moment.
The hardest part was, 6 months after owning it, I had to get
the diamond reinspected by the jeweler to keep it up to date.
Then return it to it’s box…knowing it wasn’t time yet.
That’s my experience.

2. Will there ever be, and who will capitalize on it first, a museum of random things like this? Toast, McRibs, birdpoop on windows, cheetos, wood grains, carpet stains, etc….all that look like the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary? If so, what state will it be in? Indiana? Kentucky? Tennessee? How much will admission cost, and who will buy sponsorship there?

If you’re looking to be the person to launch this museum of Jesus appearing in random artifacts, be encouraged. By the swarm of publicity usually offered to things like this lately, you’ll probably get a lot of visitors, if you can afford to purchase a collection. If it helps, I’ll offer you my window at whatever the cost of taking it out/replacing it with a new one would be. Let’s talk. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “a "Jesus Museum"?

  1. You know, I really resent that Tennessee reference. It’s not like we try to make money off of Jesus down here! You make us sound like a state that would even go as far as to create… I don’t know… a Jesus amusement park! Oh the thought.

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