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how to find a good church…?

You’ve probably heard a number of people, especially those who have moved/will move to a new area, etc. Theories are as diverse as there are people church-hunting. But I’ve stumbled upon a suggestion to make to all of you church-hunters out there.

Take it with a grain of salt, I suppose, as I’m not a member of that category, and probably can’t speak to the exact issues of your hunting process.

We are called to “honor your mother and father”, and to “honor the sabbath” as well. These are in close proximity to each other in scriptures, not on accident. We are called, as believers, to honor those who have reached the “sabbath” of their lives. Often, in our behavior and desire to make church “desirable” to ourselves and others, we get dangerously close to forgetting this. Not to say the 65+ crowd should run things, or be given even more influence on whatever boards make decisions. But that they are to be a part of the conversation every bit as much as the 27-year old emerging church feller with the flip flops that joined last year.

But this goes beyond church politics and boards. I rambled.

As youth pastor, I’ve had opportunities both in Iowa, an here in Decatur, to be involved in fellowship and service to those several generations ahead of me. I’ve played dominoes (mexican train of course), sat in on “old man” breakfasts, chauffeured trips to museums and state fairs, gone mall walking, raked yards, and recently helped stain at 98-year olds’ gazebo. She was totally going to try and do it herself!

All of this to say, there are people in our churches who are way older than many of us. They are losing the ability to do some things for themselves. They have family that have moved away, or passed away. Many of them are lonely, and need to be given the message that they are honored/loved.

Want to find a good church?
A church where you will be fed, and given opportunity to serve/worship?

Find a church with a large community of the elderly and almost-elderly. Connect there.

You’ll probably get a lot of great recipes too. 🙂

I think there’s a great deal more to all of this than I’m saying here. But I at least wanted to say….I think this is important.

ps. Already have a church? Find a way to connect your life with this section of your church body. You’ll be glad you did. Promise.



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3 thoughts on “how to find a good church…?

  1. Sorry, but I think this is kind of a dumb post :). I don’t pick a church based upon any one characteristic, but I don’t rule it out if there are a greater or lesser number of old people. I’m non-discriminatory of other church members :).

  2. So here’s my thing about old people. For the most part, I think you’re right–we need to listen better and be more involved with people who are older (smarter?) than us.But I hate being that guy. You know, the guy who talks about how cool old people are and is down with all the old people and who the old people think is so great b/c he does their stuff and seems to like.My sister’s like that and her over-wrought enthusiasm for stuff that makes her seem more involved/mature/etc makes me want to punch her in the face.So how to be down with the oldies w/ being THAT Guy?

  3. yeah, I think I sounded too much like “that guy” in this post…and muddled the point a bit.Lots of good things in relating to old people.But what if they weren’t that great/wise? Something about why we should still be involved/care for them purposefully, etc…is in the direction of my thoughts here.

any thoughts?

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