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incredible savings?

During lunch yesterday, I saw a commercial. It started out with a man who appeared to be drowning in a swimming pool, shouting for someone to rescue him. It then panned out to show a high diving board, with a woman preparing for a dive. The amount of time that passed between her preparation, getting into position, dramatic dive filled with flips and spins, and finally landing without much splash to rescue him….was tense.

I thought, “wow, that’s a creative idea to get people
off their butts and help each other.”

Nope. It was a freakin’ Comcast commercial.
It said, “Incredible Savings. Everyday.”, etc…

Still, I think it was a creative illustration.
Both for their ad, and to make us think…if we’re willing.

I don’t want to “nail jello to a wall” and try to compare all aspects of the image to what it could be in our lives. But I very much think that many times we are spending a lot more time making sure our suits are nice and snug, our swim caps are tightly fitted, we’ve stretched appropriately, we’ve figured out exactly how many spins/flips we can do on the way, and exactly how we look to the “judges”….while others are struggling to even swim.

We each have opportunities on a regular basis, to reveal God’s love to those around us. To speak True Hope. To act with mercy. To work towards justice. To offer unmerited forgiveness, expecting nothing in return. To live out humility. To proclaim the Kingdom of God that is already transforming lives all around us.

Maybe sometimes we need to just get in the stinkin’ pool already…

Before we’re forced to –

You should take a few minutes, and read this blog about a visit our FM Bishop just made to a fellow Bishop imprisoned in Rwanda.


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