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flip flops – only the beginning?

For most Sunday mornings lately, given appropriate (dry) weather, I’ve been wearing my flip flops. I think I’ve finally been at this church long enough where they know a few things:

1. I do know how to wear close-toed shoes when necessary.
(funerals and weddings)
2. I’m not “rebelling” against anything or anyone,
or trying to make “a statement”.
3. I just really really like flip flops, and think they’re comfortable.
4. If I knew anyone was actually offended, I would totally shove
my feet into a leather prison for a few hours each week.

God’s wants worshipers who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The the truth is…flip flops help me relax, and let go of tension. They let me “breathe” well. And I believe worship is a LOT about breathing well. That’s why, whether I’m going with the “khaki and untucked shirt” look, or “suit and tie”….I’ll usually wear flops. (although brown with one, black with the other…of course)

But I just saw an article that makes me wonder…how far would I take my own thoughts on this?

Shorts with a suit jacket??? Very tempting.

Now the guy on the right is clearly doing something wrong…it doesn’t work for him. The other two can almost pull it off, but they’re lacking the correct foot apparel. But it still makes me wonder if I could make this work…or if I’d even try it? Clearly, I’d have to sneak out of the house before my wife caught me and fixed the fashion faux pas. I think, on a REALLY hot muggy summer day…if I was wearing a suit jacket…I might give it a shot.

But let’s let the Europeans try it out first.

(I do realize the irony of posting this only a day after saying we worry too much about what we look like in church sometimes. Eat the irony up.)



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2 thoughts on “flip flops – only the beginning?

  1. I do not even own a pair of flip-flops. I would rather be barefoot…maybe just socks. Now that the summer clearance is here I think I will buy a cheap pair of flips. Next time I come to your church I am wearing my flannel pj’s because these help me breath better.

any thoughts?

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