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the ants go marching one by one…..(no hurrah)

When we bought our house back in November of 2005, they found traces of termites. Nothing alive, apparently, but some trails. So they treated it for termites, and we have a $60 a year plan to keep them away.

Since then, we’ve seen a few bugs here and there. We’ve seen ants. But didn’t think much of them. Figured, as long as most food is cleaned up, no problems right? Carpenter ants don’t EAT wood, after all…they just tunnel through it.

But them suckers is determined lil’ things.

Seriously, in a home with 2 daughters, and wood floors…well, it’s a given that crumbs are gonna end up in some of your nooks and crannies. But yesterday was a sign that something more than a can of Wal-mart ant killer was needed. A piece of candy lay underneath a chair on the side of the room furthest from the front door. I’d say about 4 or 5 hours passed.

When we finally noticed it…it was a pile of moving black dots….with a trail of active ants leading all the way to the front door. They’d found a hole behind the door frame through which to carry their spoils. Who knows…might even be a whole nest in there. This picture is about what the entryway to our front door looks like:
Gonna have to get a new board to walk on…or something. But hopefully these professional bug killers know what they’re doing. (don’t worry posting your grandma’s advice on how to kill ants in your house…..I have the interweb too…but thanks. 🙂 )



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2 thoughts on “the ants go marching one by one…..(no hurrah)

  1. And,, its only when the “Ants go Marching One by One, that you say Hurrah,, anyways!! My grandma, and I have no advice, looks like you indeed need professionals,, yikes!!! Best of luck.. Hate those tiny little pests..

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