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what I learned from "Joe"

Towering at like 10 feet, Joe was the guy from the local company that I called to rescue me from our ant situation. He knew EVERYTHING. It was awesome. Although he didn’t seem to hear what I was saying some of the time, at least he nodded like he understood. Made a couple funny situations, like this one:

(as he’s spraying toxic poison all over our living room)

Me: So Joe, this stuff is safe to spray around where kids are right? I mean, like, should they be kept away from it? (stupid way to combine questions, I admit)

Joe: Mm-hmmm.

Me: (confused and silent)

Anyways, I was wrong. They weren’t carpenter ants. Joe laughed when I told him that. Remember I said we had termites before we ever lived here? Well, they sprayed, etc…and killed those things. But there were still termite tunnels in a lot of the wood outdoors surrounding our porch. Pavement ants crawled up in there, and decided to live in the vacant rooms. They do some damage too, tunneling through wood just like carpenter ants would.

So what’s the verdict? Joe says not to worry. Pointed out a couple pieces of wood to “replace” (which he talked about as if it’s as easy as pouring a bowl of Life for breakfast….I gotta work on my manly abilities apparently), said to make sure they’re sealed good after they’re replaced. But he wasn’t worried. Said things are fine.


Thanks Joe. 🙂

ps. I fulfilled my short-term dream last week, of climbing to the top of the climbing structure in the middle of the Decatur Children’s Museum. We took Addie last Thursday, and since school is in session now…no 100 daycare kids to compete with…hehe. I know….you’re jealous. Addie was too scared to come with me….but my wife gave me permission to go ahead and fulfill my dream. I love them. 🙂


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