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Dekker – hopefully an exception, not his direction…

Finally finished Ted Dekker’s newest book, “Sinner”. It took me longer than usual for a Dekker book, although not because it was difficult to read. I think I just had more stuff going on this week than usual. Although I have to admit, his formula seems to be repeating itself.

The book takes place like 30 years from now, and “tolerance” has become the new trend. Muslims have replaced Christians as the religious base in America, and both are seen as weak for their dependency on religion as a crutch. Religion is relegated to private locations, and rarely seen or heard. Especially after a new law is passed (through mind controlling the senate/etc.) that calls any declaration of faith a “hate crime” against those of any other or no faith.

The whole basis of the book sounds like it came out of Grandma Conservatives’ fear closet.

Unfortunately, I’m sure many Christians will read this book, and freak out, thinking, “Oh my word, this could totally happen”. You can read an interview with Dekker (on the 700 club, oh man…does he still want people to read his book? ) People will think they need to fight for free speech rights, and fight for the right to party with Jesus and all that.

Someone might even look at this, that happened recently, and use it as fodder for the point. But we can all recognize that this is NOT a statement of love, and not something Christians should be involved in.

The truth is, as much as tolerance WILL probably become something important over the next 50 years, I don’t think we need to be afraid. Unless we’re Ted Dekker, in which case we might want to fear what our involvement with CBN will do to our readership.

Then again, looking at the article on his website, I dunno. It takes examples of high school students wearing offensive (even to me) shirts, and says “look, the government is shutting down free speech!!”.

Yes, people in other places of the globe suffer for claiming Christ. They have in the past, they do today. We need to be in prayer for them. But I would assume even the Atheist community in America would stand on their behalf. Our constitution will not be changed anytime soon.



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