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..on being followed…

As I was driving earlier yesterday, the streets still a bit iced over, I looked in my rear view mirror. I saw an ambulance riding right on my tail. This is usually not a very big deal, but instantly in this case I began to think of how to respond if those lights go flashing. I was driving my 1994 Saturn, which weighs in at an intimidating 100 pounds or so, if you use hyperbole. The roads were slick, and traffic surrounded me on either side.

I now have two daughters, and a 3rd child on the way. At this point, they’re following me on the road we’re on. It gets slick at times, and I can’t promise much stability other than gravity itself. We’re surrounded by plenty of others, each with their own destinations in mind. I don’t believe they will follow me forever as a parent, the way they currently do. In fact, Addie

I watch plenty of parent/teen relationships throughout my job. I see teenagers throw on their sirens and lights, and I see parents in front of them on the journey respond in different ways. I’ve seen parents freak out, over correct, and go smashing into the ditch/snowbanks on the side. I’ve seen parents collide with those journeying around them. I’ve seen some parents ignore the lights/noises and continue on their journey, only to frustrate the child behind them.

This is not to say “I’ve figured anything substantial out”. Only to be conscious of this relationship between Parent/Child as we continue to move forward. To constantly be aware that our relationship grows/changes/morphs as often as the individuals themselves grow…which is to say every second of every day.

Don’t look at me to figure out how to have a healthy relationship with your child/teen by any means. But simply, be reminded that it’s something we need to be working on, as is a relationship with any human being. Lord help us. 🙂

I think this entire blog could be chalked up to blog-up-chuck. Nothing in particular struck me to blog about, and this is what you end up with. Hey, no one forced you to read it. 🙂


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