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6 Years…

Today my wife and I celebrate 6 incredible years together. Six years of continuing to build on the relationship that started late in the Fall of 1999. God has taken us on an incredible journey, and we find ourselves in a pretty good place. We are not perfect, either of us. Our relationship is one between two humans who need ALL that God offers. But I’m incredibly grateful to have her with me.

So often I wish I could go back to that teenage boy growing up in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. That I could reveal even a sliver of what his life would be like in 2008. He’d be stoked. Seriously stoked. That he would have a wife like Sarah to journey with him. That she would have patience, and love, and grace enough to love him as much on his good days, as she does in the middle of the playoffs or a busy ministry season.

But I suppose my 17 years of waiting to meet this woman prepared me in many ways for a healthy appreciation of all that she is. I’m not the best at remembering, or communicating that well or on a consistent basis. But every so often, I remember, or am reminded.

All that to say, Happy Anniversary to my wife. I love her. From mashed vegetables to cheese curds to cheese toasties (she knows what that all means) to whatever lays ahead. Thanks be to God, for His indescribable gift!



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