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Life lessons…

I’m a youth pastor, and because of this my mind naturally searches for any sources of illustration. Any way that God could be speaking. Not so much that he “causes” these things to happen specifically so that I hear a certain message (although it’s certainly possible). But rather, “here is what is happening, how could God be revealed through this?”.

An important reminder in a life of searching for these revelations is one given by Jeremiah Bolich last weekend to all the teens at FROSTBITE. There will be times in life where I wonder, “Is this God speaking to me?” And sometimes it may even seem REALLY REALLY strongly that He is. When that happens, we need to go to the Scriptures. Because no matter how much we may “really feel” God speaking a certain word to us – the Word of God is 100% always His Word for our lives.

Once we’ve taken the “life lesson” to scripture to be sure it matches up with the known character of God – we can shout it. 🙂

So here it is:

Sophie was in the tub last night. I put her in before I even started the water. Usually when I do this, she crawls around all excited, and climbs around enjoying the empty tub. But last night, she just sat there looking up at me. Looking at the faucet, expectantly. Waiting for the water she knew should be coming.

Are we expectant?

Do we come to church and church activities actually expecting the Spirit of God to show up and do something? Or are we content to play around in our empty tub? Has it all become so routine/cynical that our hope rests simply on enjoying one or two of the songs in an emotional way, and go home “blessed” from that?

I want to look to the Father, expectantly. I want to stare into the veil, expectant of His Spirit to rip right through it, transforming His people together. Not because the speaker is that great. Not because the music was any good. Not even because there was an altar call. But because it’s the nature of the God we serve (Acts 1:8).



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