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Hope for more than hope…

I woke up this morning from a crazy dream. A dream where me and some cross between “indiana jones-james bond-sean connery-and my wife’s dad” were driving in an old 57 Chevy across country investigating (we were like spies or something) a giant museum that had just been opened in honor of our new President, Mr. Obama.

I think my sub-conscious agrees with my conscious. All of the congrats/celebration concerning our new President (who I’m excited about too) has crossed a line in many cases. He has done some good things in his life. Having elected him is a proud moment for the American people, given his background. But as far as what he has accomplished AS President? So far what he’s given many people is hope. And while hope is a good thing, hope can be nothing.

I think of words I’ve read by great writers. The words about God’s plan for His people found throughout the OT and NT. Jurgen Moltmann speaking about our Christian hope, as compared to the hope offered in the world. NT Wright’s book “Surprised by Hope”.

We have a hope that is real. Based on something already begun. Anchored in words spoken by God Himself.

It’s a good thing to remember in a day like today, where you have to say is “I offer hope”, and you can get a mass audience fairly quick. May we as the Church proclaim, and live lives resourced in that True hope. May creation continue to be tranformed as the reason for that hope continues to reveal Itself.

And may I keep having really cool spy-type dreams. Cause that was pretty sweet.



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One thought on “Hope for more than hope…

  1. As soon as I started reading this, the song we sang in church this morning started playing in my head… “I have a hope, that will never fade away, it’s alive in me, living day to day. I have a hope, and my hope has a name…”Now, this morning when we sang this I chuckled – mostly because the “my hope has a name” line always makes me think of the Oscar Meyer song 🙂 BUT this hope thing is obviously something God wanted me to hear today. Really applicable right now – thanks for sharing.

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