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So most of us have heard about this ridiculously expensive bill, that some promise will give us the boost we need, while others warn us it will do more harm than good when it’s all settled.

Thanks to the blog “Read the Stimulus” I realized (check back there for more updates) we can all easily have access to the bill (it’s over 1,400 pages total, and not very entertaining. Thankfully there is somewhat of a “table of contents” section, so you can search a bit for things that directly relate/impact you. Although it’s probably good to remember, it ALL impacts each of us.

So on first glance, anything that stands out (remember – 1,400 pages)?

Actually yes…as a youth pastor. There are many sections detailing plans for helping out agencies that help develop the youth. They’ve even changed the language so that “youth” goes up to age 24 (from the previous 21). Section 1221 of Part 3, Division B – talks about 2 target groups which employers can receive credit for hiring. They are unemployed veterans, and a group called “Disconnected Youth”. This got me curious. What exactly IS a “disconnected youth”?

Here’s what they label a disconnected youth:

1. Must be age 16-24
2. Must not be involved in any post-high school education for at least 6 months prior to hiring.
3. Must not be regularly employed for 6 months before hiring.
4. Not readily employable because of a lack of a sufficient number of basic skills.

I can see a lot of employers of post-high school students applying for this credit. The question is, what is a sufficient number of basic skills? Sure, Joe can eat and breathe, and goes to the bathroom on his own…but he’s just so dern forgetful. He’s lacking a sufficient number of basic skills. I should get credit for hiring that guy. At least until he’s 25.

But I’m sure someone who’s not readily employable will use those years to become readily employable by learning those basic skills they’re lacking so they don’t immediately lose their job at 25….right?

Mark 2:21 = exactly what we’re doing here.

Something more/”other” is needed.

Of Special Note: You may notice on page 42 of Division A that NASA is receiving $1 Billion specifically. $400,000,000 of it is going towards “exploration”. Awesome. I’ll bet that will help.


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