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Response to Economic Recovery?

So the appropriations committee has posted a much easier to read summary of where $311 Billion of the dollars are going:

– Summary Overview

Not sure about the other over $400 Billion. Anyone know about those? I’m sure the info is out there somewhere, I just can’t find it. Guess I could read through Division A (Bill Text – Division A)– seemed most of the amounts were on there. I’ll let you do that, and give me a summary overview of the rest of it.

So anyways, it seems as if it’s happened. Even the No Stimulus people have conceded. So what to do now? I suppose, no matter our opinion on whether or not it should have happened, we continue to be responsible citizens, who participate in government at local and national/international levels as possible. Parts of the bill are exciting. Other aspects make it a bit obvious that everyone wanted their share of the bucks. None of it offers true Hope.

We live out the lives we hope those who lead us would live. Genuine. Honest. Sacrificial. Loving. Lives that proclaim the Kingdom that is, and is to come. The Kingdom that is governed by laws much higher than budgets and deficits.

May we be used to point those God loves to a Kingdom that offers so much more than any government could ever promise. Not by removing ourselves from society, but by becoming sacrificially involved in it…in Christ.


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any thoughts?

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