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Recently, The Friendly Atheist posted a blog from a blog including 10 tips for Christian Evangelists. I figured it’d be worth posting to my 5 avid readers. You can get a more complete explanation of each of these here. What do you think?

1. Don’t start using the person’s name, as if you are a close personal friend, unless you actually are a close personal friend.

2. Don’t start quoting from the Bible.

3. Don’t bring up a topic, or try to find out what the person is interested in, just so you can bring it back around to how it’s all a metaphor for Jesus or Christianity.

4. Don’t use the phrase “Good News.” (kinda ironic here…telling people who’s identity is “bringing good news” not to use these words)

5. Don’t talk about Jesus like he’s part of the conversation.

6. Don’t plant literature.

7. Don’t hide behind a fake front.

8. Don’t assume that we have “God-shaped holes in our hearts” and try to get us to admit it.

9. Don’t compare your past experiences to our present.

10. Don’t talk down to us, as if we’re just not understanding something perfectly obvious.

So let’s say you wanted to give ten tips to atheism evangelists (definition of “evangel” notwithstanding), that go beyond bus marketing campaigns…what would you tell them?


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One thought on “eh?

  1. my tips to athiests:

    1. don’t assume I’m stupid b/c I believe in something outside the concrete
    2. don’t talk down to me
    3. find common ground first (eg. we both probably agree that all religions are NOT the same)
    4. don’t assume that I believe rationality is the only way to understand something true
    5. give me time to talk and formulate my thoughts
    6. I don’t want to have a debate with you. I just want to hang out, so don’t start one.

    I’ve had some good athiest friends who followed lots of these rules and we had some great talks, and they really challenged the way I thought.

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