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wake up call…

About a month ago, I went on a hike with my 2.5 year old, Addie. It was a pretty cool father/daughter moment, as I’m a big fan of just walking through a wooded area. I remember growing up, when we’d go camping in the old motor home, or when I attended various summer camps – nature was always a large part of how I met with the God who previously had lived on a felt board. It was neat to share that with her, and I look forward to more hikes.

But as we walked through the woods, we talked (as much as a 2.5 year old can handle conversation). We’d walked through a giant field of very green grass, and through the tree line everything became a grayish tone. The trees were still bare of any leaves, and so the forest was a mess of twigs and branches, with a path for us to walk through. At one point, Addie said, “daddy…trees aren’t green?” in almost a question as much as a statement.

I told her the trees were green usually, but they were sleeping during winter cause it was too cold. But now that spring was here, they were beginning to wake up. I took her really close to the buds on a branch near us, to show her the green life that was coming out. She got excited, and began to show me other branches that had buds on them. Then she looked at me and asked, “do we need to wake them all up?” Just playing with her logic, I said “yes, we definitely should”. At this point she began yelling at every tree we approached at the top of her almost 3 year old voice box (which can be very loud), “TREE, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!”

I loved that walk.

We live in a post-resurrection world. A world that is in many ways sleeping. We as Christians, who believe all of life to be changed/awake from what it once was; we have been called to shout “WAKE UP!!” in word, in life, and in love to the world around us. We no longer live according to this world, but according to the Love shown to us by God’s Son, in His life, death, and resurrection….

How is your wake up call going?


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