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(an excerpt from my ordination interview –
responding to the topic of ordination itself)

Ever since the early church, some people have been set apart for leadership roles. These people “bear witness to an inward call of the Holy Spirit.” Upon meeting certain requirements, and bearing fruit that witnesses outwardly of such a call, they are set apart publicly, now referred to as “ordination”. This was especially important in the beginning stages of the ancient church, as they struggled to remain true with so many pressures and false doctrines becoming confused with their own. It remains true to this day, with more and more ease of access, there are more modes of information/proclaiming both truth and confusion than ever before.

For much of my life, I was under the impression that ordination was nothing more than a public statement of something already going on. After all, the Church had already entrusted that person to accomplish ministry, and ministry had been happening. I saw it as simply “sealing the deal” in a partnership that already existed. I still can’t say for sure I understand exactly how it all works, and I know it’s not some sort of “super-power that gets activated” that was previously dormant.

But there is something to say about a world-wide denomination of believers collectively laying hands on, and blessing you as someone called to accomplish God’s redemptive Kingdom work in this world. At the same time as the blessing, there is a commitment to support, build up, encourage, follow, guide, develop, work together, care for, and be cared for by. This is an important aspect of developing a leader, and a milestone in becoming someone who is serving and leading towards Christ; whether as a head pastor, an associate pastor, or a lay leader providing support within a church body.

I am looking forward to it.


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