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I was hoping that the 3rd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be a match up between Detroit and Chicago. It’s still a very real possibility.

But perhaps less of one.

Last night, both Detroit and Chicago fell behind in their Round 2 quest for the Cup. Both best-of-7 series are 2 games to 1 now, with Vancouver and Anaheim up. Vancouver played an intense away game in Chicago. They deserved the win.

Anaheim, however, was dominated by the Redwings: puck possession, momentum, scoring chances, twice as many shots on goal, etc. They have only two reasons for last night’s win:

1. Jonas Hiller – seriously, this guy is a ridiculously good goalie. Kudos to him.

2. The 2nd Goal. The GAME TYING GOAL from the Redwings near the end of the game. It was in, before any whistle. But because an official lost sight of the puck, he thought the play was dead, and blew his whistle, announcing that he began to blow the whistle before any goal was made. Even the announcers declared it a horrible call. But it was made. The goal was not counted, and the Ducks won – 2-1.

So let’s try this again tomorrow night. I’ll be watching the game at Lock Stock & Barrel here in Decatur….who’s coming with me? I don’t care who ya’ cheer for….it’ll be a good time either way. Starts at 9:30pm. SEE YOU THERE!!!



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