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in the hood.

Three years ago today, I stood in the midst of change. I had just begun my new position as full time youth pastor at Moundford Free Methodist Church, after spending over a year in sales and part time ministry. We were expecting our first child, a daughter, who was to arrive in August of 2006. We were excited to finally begin “arriving” in many ways, at a new stage in our life together as the Anderson family. We didn’t know what to expect in many ways, and were not completely sure what was still in store for us.

Here we are, three years later. We have three incredible daughters, who continue to teach us just as much as we could ever teach them. Sure, there are rough days and nights. Soft cries in the middle of the night yield to tantrums over a shared toy. Yellow poop and spit-up turn into giant messes and vomit.

But that’s not all.

Because baby giggles transform into waves of childish laughter. Rolling over turns into dancing in circles around the living room. Standing for the first time grows into jumping on daddy’s belly.

Saying “ah yuv yoo” knowing it makes mommy and daddy smile, turns into saying “I Love You” – and understanding that it means something pretty special. Knowing daddy and mommy love you in return, and you are part of something safe and incredibly dear to us.

I know this day is primarily about recognizing fathers, and how great we are.
I won’t deny my family that opportunity. 🙂

But I also think it’s a great day to pause, and be enormously thankful for the experience of fatherhood I’ve been granted. I pray it continues to lead me towards God in many new and unpredictable ways…



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