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fond of fondue?

At one point in college (circa 2002), while I was still trying to woo my future wife, I was searching for a spontaneous “thing” for us to do together. I hopped online, and began searching possibilities in the Chicago area. I decided heck, I’m trying to be romantic….why not just google “most romantic, restaurant, chicago” and see what happens?

So I did.

The result? I took Sarah to a random “fondue restaurant” in the Lincoln Park area named “Geja’s Cafe” We’d both heard of fondue before. It was that thing where you dip various foods in some melted cheese, and then after dinner you dip other random things in chocolate. It’s fun to do, but a mess to clean up/prepare for. So I was looking forward to this. She was surprised, as we walked down the stairs to enter this dimly lit, seemingly packed against fire-code, but still ridiculously great atmosphered restaurant with flaminco guitars playing and candles lit. BINGO. This was it.

The menu was/is pretty expensive. But when you’re in college, wooing the woman you want to convince to spend forever with you….no price is too high. We ordered an all inclusive dinner for two (appetizers, salads, dinner, dessert, drinks), and began to enjoy the cheese fondue as it came. Finally, dinner time arrived.

As our waiter brought a giant tray of RAW meat to our table, we became a bit confused. (it was our first fondue experience) We didn’t know you actually cook the meat piece by piece in flavored oil. But the dinner was amazing. Bite sized pieces of awesome quality steak, chicken, and seafood; with a TON of options for sauce dipping. You savor every piece, and have plenty of time for conversation. The chocolate fondue for dessert was every bit as good as the rest.

So why post a blog about this now, that seems to be an advertisement for the place? If you live near Chicago, and have the ability to go out without children – you NEED to eat here. Seriously. Best meal ever. And June 28th-July 4th they are celebrating 44 years, by giving you 44% off your food bill!!

So if you can go…go. But if not, at least now you know a place to take someone you’re wooing in the Chicago area. (a place in the Chicago area, not the person you’re wooing from the Chicago area, as if you have mutiple people you’re wooing in different areas.)



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