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So a few random updates for Redwings fans who don’t read Detroit online news sources:

1. Chris Chelios will not be offered anymore contracted years with the Wings. After 10 years with Detroit, at the age of 47, Chelios says he still doesn’t plan on retiring. He’ll address media later this week, but will probably try and offer himself to some other NHL team. Wow. As it stands, he’s the second oldest NHL player ever, behind Gordie Howe who retired at age 52. Five more years, Cheli. Congrats on an incredible decade of hockey, and God be with you and your health/joy of the game wherever you end up this season. You will be in the hall of fame, for sure.

2. Steve Yzerman will be inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame, on November 9th, 2009 in Toronto. Kudos to Yzerman. I agree with the article linked above, that there was definitely an “Yzerman Era” for the Redwings. I’d even go so far as to link it to generational talk, such as “Baby Boomers”, “Generation X-ers”, etc. I am a part of the “Generation Yzerman”.

3. Brett Lebda is still signed on with the Wings for another couple years. You may wonder, “why do I care about Lebda?”. My only response is…keep watching the Redwings. 🙂

4. It sounds like they’re making retaining Marian Hossa a top priority, possibly even offering him a 10 year, $40 Million deal. Also in that article, they need to decide whether to keep Ty Conklin or Jimmy Howard as backup goalie. Ty Conklin becomes a free agent in July, but Howard isn’t allowed to stay in the minor league beyond this past year…having spent his allotted time there.

So yeah….keep watching this site for details, as many things HAVE to be decided in the next couple weeks. 🙂



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