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This past Saturday we had a few hours in the evening open, and wanted to do something different as a family. No television. No pile of princess toys. Not even dressing up and dancing to the Cinderella soundtrack. But also – free.

So we went to the park. A couple blankets, a few books for the girls, a few crackers and a drink. We were a little worried as parents, I’ll admit. Are we bringing enough for our daughters to be entertained?

Would we set out the blanket, get all prepared for a time of relaxation, and all of a sudden have a three year old with a tantrum, a 1.5 year old that wants 100% of our attention, and a 12 week old that wants to eat?

For a bit of reinforcements, we brought Aunt Mary with us…and set out.

Sure enough, we found a perfect spot. Large grassy field in a quiet area of the park. We set the blankets out, and the girls who could walk immediately set out to explore the grasses around us. It went great. We had a 3 year old proving how fast she could run, and how far she could go. A 1.5 year old who felt the grass was just as comfortable as any carpet- and great to explore.
Sure, our 12 week old wanted to be held a bit…but we were capable. 🙂

(picture taken with a cell phone – awesome, eh?)

Simple. Free. Easy.
And ended up making Addie’s “favorite part of the day” that night. 🙂
Less is more.


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One thought on “Less.

  1. My thoughts exactly. Every day kids around the world act, think, entertain, move, and groove without pre-planned events and stimulating toys. Shoot-dawg, its good for mom's and dad's too. Speaking of which, it is high time I shut this computer off and drink some tea on my porch.

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