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Popular books and authors generally cause me to be a bit cynical. Even by authors whose works I’ve enjoyed in the past. But even more so, when they plan on rolling out a new book in more than one language, along with gift book and condensed versions, video curriculum, a worship album, and all the advertising that says “we know this will be a smash hit, and make us much more money than we’re spending on all this advertising”. Of course, in their minds they probably think “this book could be used by God in many lives, so let’s get it out there in as many ways as possible!”. Who knows.But after finishing Max Lucado’s newest book “Fearless“, I would have to say it’s worth picking up. The advertising itself speaks the truth. We live in a world and a culture where fear is everywhere. It’s used to entertain. It’s used to prod people into action. It’s byproduct of worry is used to bait and hook us into drooling over news for the latest updates on any given story. But it’s also just happening on it’s own. We live in a world where economies become unbalanced, along with everything latched to them. Uncertainty about ourselves, our futures, etc.

It can be a prison.

In Lucado’s book, he confronts some of the most common fears chapter by chapter. It’s not a deep theological discourse with exegesis to back it up. It’s quite an easy, and fast read. But I would recommend taking your time, especially when reading the chapter that contains the fear you most identify with.

For me? It was chapter five. The fear of not protecting my kids. I’m a pretty laid back guy, and have had a lot of practice in giving issues/fears/unknowns to God. I’ve grown because of it. But I admit, the one thing in my life that tempts me back into worry on occasion is my ability to provide for, protect, and otherwise meet the needs of my family. Or the fact that even with all my efforts, something could spontaneously happen to any of them, and the loss or damage would tear me apart.

Do I dwell on this? Nope. Am I imprisoned by it? Nope. But his words in this, and many of the other chapters are great reminders that we must consciously and resolutely stand in the name of Christ against unhealthy fears and responses to them.

You may even find, as I did….that there are aspects of many of the other fears I didn’t even realize until reading it have been impacting my life. Even in slight ways. This book offers to be a breath of fresh air, and a reminder to be living without fear – which may make us look quite odd as the body of Christ in today’s world. That’s probably a good thing.



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