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As a fan of pacifism, especially lately, I’m excited about spending a week focusing on peace in our home. We definitely live in a world that needs more Christians who stand out among a natural pace of reaction and defense that seeks to prove, establish, or defend one’s position or rights in so many ways. You see it in the 2 and three year old children in my house and the friends they play with. You also see it in the much older grown ups who play with countries and businesses, instead of toys.

In a large sense, seeking to live humbly helps us in our pursuit of peace. Sometimes when we strive to do this, we simply focus on the needs of others. But that may only work so far as others and their needs remain our focus. When we’ve met their needs, or are moved to a new environment, it’s very easy for our attention to shift back to ourselves.

But when, in pursuit of humility, we practice the emptying and letting go of our “selves”….we make room for Christ. We prepare for what is to come, and we live in reality more than ever before. The reality of a God who has created us in His image….a God who’s identity was always to give up Godself and Gods’ rights for us.

Philippians 4:7 tells us that the peace that comes from emptying and letting go of ourselves for the sake of Christ and His reality – brings with it a peace that is beyond understanding. Living from such a peace will lead us to a life that others, and even ourselves at times…do not understand. I pray that my life, and the life of my family, continues to become less understandable….

(knowing full well that it’s BOTH those who are following Christ, AND those who are quite far from what He is about….who may be praying that prayer.)



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