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like a well-intentioned car wreck….

So I’ve twittered a couple times about Focus on the Family’s annual effort to get upset over retailers who don’t use the word “CHRISTmas” enough. I didn’t think it deserved much publicity. But some of this is so painful to believe is out there…it’s almost entertaining.

Under the “comments” posted for why a particular business might be viewed/boycotted for being “Negative” towards CHRISTmas:

for GAP: “Made 2 purchases at the GAP yesterday and I was wished happy nothing.”

“Very offended by the recent advertisement. How dare they suggest we celebrate what we want?”

for Banana Republic: “Since you are only selling “Holiday Gifts” and I only buy “Christmas Gifts”, there will be no need for me to shop in your store.”

for Best Buy: “Used Christmas music without Christmas words.” (hehe…my favorite)

“I’ve spent my last dollar at Best Buy. …We have to start standing up for what we believe in … Best Buy – you lost a good customer!”

Oh man. For real. Retailers are here to….(drum roll please) MAKE MONEY. It’s unfortunate, I know, but it’s there. It’s precisely the reason God has called us to be a light in the darkness, not a light in a room even dimly lit. We cannot place expectations of Christ-like-ness on those people and entities not transformed by Christ.

If anything, continuing to personify retail locations….perhaps those who have removed the word “Christ” from advertising or who are (gasp) celebrating other religious holidays….should be the stores we frequent the most often, and with the most amount of Love.



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