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vacation sabbath.

Yesterday was Sunday. Generally viewed/treated/participated in as a “Sabbath” by most of the contemporary Christian world. Approached a little differently by me, simply because of the “work” (that I love) it sometimes involves. Nevertheless, I still try to approach the day differently from the other 6.

This time, I was on vacation. Far from home in Decatur, IL. Surrounded by people loading up into their mini-vans with tucked in shirts who have no clue I’m usually with them in a church on Sunday. Being seen by those others who generally spend Sunday morning relaxing in bed, or at a nice breakfast out. a.k.a – today, I didn’t attend a church, though I did spend time in Sabbath, and in worship.

Yes, I missed/miss my church family. Being where our lives connect purposefully, rubbing shoulders just in case we’ve not had a chance in the past week. Looking for ways we can become the Kingdom proclaiming/building community God enables/calls us to be.

Here in Orlando, there are plenty of other people on vacation. I imagined some of the others around me having similar thoughts. Missing their church back home. Or perhaps, relaxing while not having to get the kids ready and hoping they don’t interrupt the preacher’s sermon at inopportune moments. Maybe for many, vacation Sabbath is more Sabbath than most.

In any case, it was a good day all around. We ended the day by rubbing shoulders with a fast-paced visit to “CityWalk” at Universal Studios. A free, outdoor shopping/eating center basically…with some fancy hype to make it feel theme-park-ish. It was fun. One of those goosebump-ish moments where you pray in the beginning “God, give me your love for these people, even the strange ones who dash in front of the stroller I push”, simply to survive.

But God responds, by randomly filling you with a “Whoville” type of experience where you want to just grab a random stranger near you and hug him because you’re experiencing just a sliver of God’s immense love for each of these people. Yup…it was neat. 🙂

In the end, I didn’t hug any strangers, but I didn’t get too upset when they cut in front of me either. 🙂 And caught just a glimpse of the (creative/energy/joy/experience/taste/smell) Kingdom in the midst of commercialized a-musement (non-thinking). 🙂 Shalom Shabbat.



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