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Over 2,000 miles driven.

Over 1,000 pictures taken.

Hundreds of Kleenexes used.

___ (plenty) of time outs. 🙂

We took a family vacation, together with my side of the family, to Orlando, Florida for Christmas this year. On my wife’s recommendation, we did not drive the full 16 hours each way at once….but split into two 8 hour days…ish. 🙂 Probably a safe decision.

Addie was able to meet Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty. Not to mention countless other characters from those and other popular Disney classics. Sophie got to ride Dumbo, Small World, and see the Country Bear Jamboree, etc. And Ruby…well, Ruby got to drool a lot, and was kissed by Minnie Mouse.

We started out with Addie coming off a cold/fever thing. She ended up giving it to her sisters, and they ended up sharing it with most of the family at one point or another on our trip…culminating in daddy gettin’ it pretty bad on the way home, and still hackin’ up a lung as he types. New Years was spent at a hotel in Calhoun, GA….with daddy passed out on the bed and mommy trying to convince 3 little girls who sat in car seats all day to sleep.

But illnesses aside, it was a pretty sweet trip. Just spending such amounts of time with my daughters made me realize just how much I’m usually away from them. Being able to spend one on one time with each of them was pretty great…watching them in everyday moments. (read “everyDAY moments”, the middle of the night moments were still taken for granted, probably) Hanging out with family, Disney, chillin’ at the resort, dinner in/out together, Daytona Beach, etc. Nice to be home, even if the thermostat is borderline for flip flops. 🙂

Looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2010, and thankful for the friends and family we’ve been blessed with!!!



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