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come back.

Recently I’ve seen the commercials on TV for a (new to me) movement called “Catholics Come Home“.

All the selling for Catholicism instead of Jesus aside, I think it’s good. How many people do we know who used to be very involved in their church? But for whatever reason, they took a break. Maybe they intended to just back away for a few weeks. Maybe just reduce their involvement so they could focus on other areas of life if they were being over-used by the local church body, etc. But one reason or another, they’ve now (or perhaps YOU now) find themselves distant from a local church.

Now, for one reason or another, there are large amounts of people who still consider themselves followers of Christ; but who have grown comfortable in a place of low or no involvement in a local body of believers. They still have Christian friends, after all. They still pray before meals, and before bed, and before an important meeting with the Doctor. But perhaps feel “guilty” about having taken such a long break. Unspoken guilt, and the feeling of being judged keeps them from openly entering the church doors.

Sure, people are leaving the Church because of fallen leaders. Because of doubts in their faith. Bad examples of Christ-followers being the most boisterous in the media. Etc.

But what if we were missing some of our family simply because we haven’t said to them, “Come back. We miss you. Whatever the reason you’ve been away is…doesn’t matter. Let’s be family. Let’s do this some more. We need you.”

If that’s you, consider this your invitation back. Heck, I’d even call it a plea. If you are already attending somewhere, who might you know that simply could use “permission/invitation” to return to regular worship/meeting together?

“because since we are all united as “members one of another,” the living, salvific will of God is mysteriously communicated to us through one another. We all need one another, we all complete one another. God’s will is found in this mutual interdependence. ” – Thomas Merton


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