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the power of a people a-mused.

As February hits this year, many people will be buzzing around, talking about the Superbowl. Since it seems the Lions might not make it again this year, I’ll probably wait until that night to think much about it. Then I’ll watch a few funny commercials, a few minutes of the game, eat some snacks, hang out with people I love, and tune out. I’ll find out the score the next morning, unless it’s an entertaining nail biter.

But what I WILL be excited about, along with a mob of people, it seems, is the return of the show LOST to ABC’s line-up. We’ve been hanging on the edge of infinite mysteries, and this season promises to at least connect a lot more of the dots. Although that usually leads to more mysteries…which is the lure of the show in many ways. I have to say, even without getting into the shows’ presence in our every day world, advertising, magazines, radio, etc…without us realizing it often (seriously, there is so much more to this show than what we watch on TV)…it’s a great stand alone television show. Here’s a recent interview with the writers about the final season.

Remember to be watching Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, on ABC at 8pm CST. And just in case you were worried about that pesky Presidential State of the Union Address:


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