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haiti – solidarity.

suffering and loss
been counted out of the cost, feeling like you’ve been tossed

luxury is: clean water, clean sheets, clean streets,
forget alma mater, education for children is triumph

THEN the quake.

the earth shakes, makes space, reduces pace
buildings crumble like towers made by toddlers
bodies collapsed with the rubble, there is no time.
But time to pray.

no time for funerals, no time for mourning, no time for morning
because I’m thirsty. For air, for water, for food, for safety.
Honoring the lost, a cause taken up by others thankfully
Because here – here is survival.
Pray for our survival.

The survival of the fittest, but the fit are hit with it too
Here is equality, though some still grasp for the ladder.
Pray for our weak.

Not simply a quest for survival
celebrating each arrival of supplies like a revival
This is NOT the end, for we who still breathe.
We remember who gives each breath
and He does NOT take it away – no matter what others say.
Remember that when you Pray.

Creation is broken, now more clearly seen
Not a message to be searched for what it means
But what meaning it can be given, through rubble and strife
Humanity. Here we find a snapshot of love and life
in a world uncontrollable.
Pray for stability.

Here come the Superbowl, Valentines, Olympics
Temptation to forget, or permission to quit
But we can’t do it.
Pray we don’t.

The world is breaking, it’s not done.
God calls us to bring the healing of His Son
Haiti is not “the beginning of the end”
But it can be a new beginning.



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