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Team USA: Ice Hockey Schedule

Okay everyone, the TV Schedules are out for some of the games. Here are the games to pay attention to for us in the USA:

Feb. 14th –
USA vs. China – Womens – 2pm-4:30pm CST – on USA Network (appropriately)
(re-aired again on Monday, 15th…in case you missed it)

Feb. 16th –
USA vs. Switzerland – Mens – 2pm-5pm CST – on USA Network
USA vs. Russia – Womens – 4:30pm CST – on MSNBC

Feb. 18th –
USA vs. Norway – Mens – 2pm-5pm CST – on USA Network
USA vs. Finland – Womens – 4:30-7pm CST – on MSNBC

Feb. 21st –
USA vs. Canada – Mens – 6:00pm-9pm CST – on MSNBC

Check the link above as the action happens, for updates on who is playing when on which channels. It seems as if NBC realizes this hockey biz-ness is fo’ real.

But no matter who you are, or what country you cheer for….you NEED to be watching NBC, Sunday, Feb. 28th, from 2-5pm as the puck drops on the GOLD MEDAL GAME. See you there. Game On.



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