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Frostbitten – 2010

This year’s Frostbite had the theme “Choose to Live”. Our speaker, Pastor Drew Brandt, brought 4 powerful messages to the table:

1. God has a plan for your life, and desires that we CHOOSE to seek and follow His Will.

2. Our relationships are important, and who we CHOOSE to spend our life with, and how we CHOOSE to offer ourselves in purity to them is VERY important.

3. God has already given us a clear calling, and desires that we CHOOSE in that calling as a part of CHOOSING our career as well.

4. Overall, the most important choice we will make reflects the choice made by Peter when responding to Christ’s question in Luke 9:20 – “Who do you say I am?” Our life is a response to that question….who does your life say Jesus Christ is?

Overall, it was a great weekend. Great time in “retreat” with about 150 teens and leaders. A stack of response forms reveals God was at work in many lives, and we continue to pray as that transformation becomes flesh in their everyday living.

Learned valuable lessons:

1. Boys cabins and girls cabins have always been that way. Don’t change it. 🙂

2. Some people actually DO try and sneak into a Christian retreat. It seems several did. Still not upset about this, but wondering still how to respond in a way that loves the people who paid and got upset others evaded payment.

3. Teens who drive themselves need to be given strict “you’re still a teenager, and need to stay on grounds” boundaries.

4. If I want a leader in every cabin, and to make sure every cabin is being actively cared for….I need to communicate/facilitate that. Our volunteers are stinkin’ awesome. 🙂

…and a few more. But again…incredible weekend, great worship with both the PJ Summers Band, and Greenville FM’s youth worship band. Incredible volunteers and workers really stepped up when needed, God was worshiped, and teenagers continue to tug at my heart for Jesus. 🙂

I’m in the right place.



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