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Maundy Thursday

I remember standing in a room where they believe the “last supper” took place. I was about 16 years old, and visiting Israel with a group of adults from our church. Who knows if it was actually the room, or if somewhere an entire descended line continues to laugh for telling early Christians this playroom for children was once used for a final supper with Christ and His disciples. (the ultimate April fools joke?)

In either case, that moment among many of that trip – made Christ physical to me. Reminded me He was more than just a spiritual being, or a concept, or collection of fuzzy stories we tell to put children to sleep or get them to behave. Christ walked this earth. Jesus was. God came in the form of something created. Humble, human, prone to hungers and suffering.

He knew something huge was going to happen. That the next few days would transform all of humanity (history, present, and future), and all of creation through it. So he gathers them all into a room, washes their feet, talks with them about what God is doing, and breaks bread with them – communicating His Love for them the entire time…even to Judas.

May we experience elements of Communion/Eucharist with every bite we chew and swallow. God has/is/will be loving us.



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