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Good Friday

The people chose to release Barabbas over Jesus. I never understood that fully. Maybe they were just that ticked off at Jesus. He’d promised to be the “Messiah” after all, hadn’t he? Where was His power over Rome? Where was their deliverance? He’d given them such hope, and here He is….being made fun of and kicked around. Screw it. Must have been another false messiah. What a jerk. Kill the guy. At least Barabbas is honest about being a bad guy.

Mob mentality takes over. Before they know it, crowds of people are shouting “CRUCIFY HIM!!!”. Those who felt just a bit threatened by words they’ve heard about this man, are all too happy to comply. Those who had put their hope in this false messiah feel vindicated. As he heads to his death, their passion and distaste for him and all who are like him grows. They spit. They mock. How dare this man think he’s anyone powerful? How dare this man give them false hopes? Who knows how he did what he did….but it’s obvious he’s no match for Rome. Kill him for leading us astray.

As the nails pierce his skin, something is happening. Something supernatural. Those nearby notice it, and it ripples through the crowds. This is not a good thing. It is already in motion. Some begin to wonder. As He hangs there, life slowly draining, even Roman soldiers become a bit curious. Who was this man? What feels different about this one?

All of creation mourns. Skies turn dark. Clouds cover the sun. (at least in the movies at this point, which I’m okay with. Similar to the creatures all mourning when Snow White dies, or whatever. Not comparing Jesus to Snow White…but you get it. It would make sense for all of creation to change a bit when the creator God-man dies.) It is finished.



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