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We got our new articles of clothing all washed and tags removed.
Got our required reading materials, and subscriptions to appropriate learning magazines renewed.
We got internet speeds approaching way to fast, and stacks of mousepads to burn.
And we haven’t forgotten what we learned last year, at least what we really learned.

We’ll zip the bags so tightly packed, our shoulders unforgiving.
And walk through halls filled with might-be friends, and we all pretend we’re living.
The lives we want with t-shirts on that tell you where we bought ’em.
Except for those who snuck around in salvation army’s where no one caught ’em.

“Nice shirt” you’ll say, “thanks you too” they respond – a high five lifestyle as you run through another turnstyle.
Just another number on a locker that got cleaned out last May.
And will get cleaned out again.

But Christ offers much more for how you begin.

Shed the brands, the fads, the knowledge that allows you to be in the know.
No staying up late nights making sure you keep up with the informational and social flow.
No more status quo.

You’re free.  Free to wear the air-brush t-shirt your grandma bought you in Orlando.
Free to sit by the kids you thought look interesting but didn’t wanna risk being labeled cool-aphobe.
Free to go to bed when your body needs sleep, and free to eat what keeps you healthy.
Free to trip on your own left foot, free to sneeze, and free to not be stealthy.

Free to be human, in need of God, a God who is constantly forming.
His identity in your being again, and the creation around you is storming
Like thunder clouds before it hits, and buzz and anticipation, a positive mess
You’re free to unplug from the stereotypical beginning of another year, living wireless.

Free from pretending to be flattered when he’s says something unflattering.
Free from having to compliment her body when there’s other things more mattering.
Free to treat the people around you like their made in the image of God
Free to live according to the Kingdom that’s coming even though you’ll be labeled odd.

And don’t translate it into becoming cool in some sort of Christian hip sub-culture.
Jesus didn’t come to start new trends, he came and submitted to torture.
He loved in a way that let go of what the world thought he should be.
And the best way to start school this year, is to accept that He’s made you free…



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