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human "being" as creative activity…

In reading “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains“, one of the many things he discusses is the extreme lack of boredom most of us face in our daily living.  Overstimulated, our brains yearn to be unplugged or at the very least to read something printed on paper that doesn’t offer us the option to click a link to a connected article.

There was a quote of similar position in the most recent “Parents” magazine, that talked about the need children have for a bit more boredom in their life, as it leads to important developments in imagination and creativity.  Don’t pile 20 toys in front of a kid, they’ll only get overwhelmed.  Give them 1, and allow them to make the fun last by discovering all the new ways that thing can be played with.

It reminds me of a quote I discussed with some of our leaders recently, from the movie “Ratatouille”.  The main rat was explaining to his brother why he loved humans, and he says something to the effect of, “Humans don’t merely survive, they CREATE!!”  He wants to create also, and falls in love with creating new taste experiences, etc.  Great movie.

His line offers something for us to think about as people who have been created by God, and in the image of God.  It’s something to chew on, and it’s tune is noticeable behind all the random poems/spoken words/things I’ve been writing/recording lately.  In following Christ, and worshiping a creative God who has made us in His image…ironically we often find ourselves in the position of consumer.  It’s easy to stay there.  God Himself is working to remedy that problem, and in the meantime invites us to experience that remedy.

To join in His creative work in making all things New.  To have our very existence be something that yields creative fruits.  Not simply “things to sell”, or “things to check off a list”.  Not even something that we can bring to a Christian “show-and-tell” every week.  But to make sure that our lives are involved in expressing who we are, who God is, and what beauty there is in the “Creation being made New”…thereby giving worship to God.

Which brings another element into the picture.  This isn’t merely talking about grabbing a canvas and tossing paint onto it.  Though that may happen.  This isn’t talking about crafting a poem with meter and rhyme.  Though it may be that.  Not about perfecting a new recipe, but it might taste like it.  Not talking about sculpting a masterpiece, though you might.  You get the picture.  There is something eternal and “from God” that I’m referring to here.  From/involving/to God, and all of a sudden this temporal creation takes on meaning beyond where moth and rust destroy.

One could even go so far as to agree with the rat….if we are merely consuming, we are not “being” human as God intends.  Which begs the question…what will you create this week?  Not just fitting “Peg A” into “Slot A”, but something that actually fires the synapses involved in creative activity, connecting us to a God who created all things in the beginning, and is renewing all things even now.  Where will you join with God in bringing about a bit of Kingdom beauty/living? 



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