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a walk in the park.

This morning I took advantage of good weather colliding with planned prayer-time, and ventured into Rock Springs park here in Decatur. God and I took a walk…

Here was a giant fiery white tree in the midst of regulars…
God said, “If you wanna see something really cool, you gotta get off the paved path.”
A picture of faith…
We took a break to watch the stream.
We laid back by a large tree, to watch the birds a bit.
Flood plains. A place you can tell used to be saturated, and expects to be again…
When ice blocks the sun, fish can die due to plants not producing oxygen. Called “Winter Kill”.
The fields were waving their praises…

As I was sitting near the path, watching the nature around me, I imagined actually sitting beside Christ.  I told him what was on my heart, and He listened as I talked about things that have impacted my life recently.  But like any good pastor will tell you, we need to give room to God to speak as well.  There were several times of silence in our time together, and I prayed He would guide my thoughts.

I said to God, “You’ve been around a while.  You’ve seen pretty much everything.  What is something new that has made your heart glad recently?”  At that moment, a jogger came out of nowhere, and we waved at each other as he went on his way.  May we take it as a compliment and a challenge…God continues to find pleasure in us…



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