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the fall of parenting.

 “Look, the trees are naked!” my daughter yells with glee
As nature sheds it’s colored hues they love to look and see
In spring we’ll walk through paths of green, and wake their sleeping buds
But for now we’ll play in piles of leaves, then wash our hands with suds.
It’s jacket weather once again
The arms they’ve figured out
But trying to understand the complexity of a zipper
Makes them scream and shout.
Some days we keep the windows open, taking in the breeze
Other days the tissues run lower with every snotty sneeze.
The colors red, and gold, and orange filling up the skies –
To drive around and drink it in with thirsty pairs of eyes
Is more fun than moments with a rake and paper sacks
They remind mom and dad that’s it’s okay to relax.
They teach us this throughout the day, and hope we’ve listened well
I think they smile themselves to sleep when warm drinks they smell.
“Mom and dad are taking time to enjoy the seasons’ weather,
They’re in the kitchen making hot drinks and sipping them together.”
Maybe not, and they’ve no clue the lessons that they teach
Like asking us for something that they need that’s out of reach.
Reminding us to pray to God for things, from Heaven sent.
Just another season to give thanks for being a parent.
(Yup, it rhymes regularly.  Deal with it, poet hippies.)


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