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On Adoption…

Over 10 years ago, as my wife and I were dating, I had the privilege of traveling as lead vocalist in a worship band.  We were pretty cheesy, looking back, but had some great times.  Because we were sponsored by the University, we had financial backing and all the “right” connections.  I had the chance to lead thousands of people in worship, and we had recorded alive album.  Things were looking great for the future of however God might use me in ministry.

In a moment of honesty, my wife(fiancée at the time) took a step of faith, by asking me through tears, “Would you give it all up?”

I asked what she meant.  She shared with me that God had been saying something to her about Africa.  wasn’t sure what it was yet, but wanted to know…if God eventually called us to Africa together….would I be willing to “give up”any status I’d gained in ministry?  My response was…of course…ifGod was calling us somewhere, we would follow.

As time went on, we were prepared to follow Him anywhere together.  God’s direction took an ironic turn…  (Click HERE to read the rest!  Today I’m a “guest poster” over at “To Show Them Jesus”, a great blog by my friend Christina about how we disciple our children as we raise them.  Head on over and check it out!!!)



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