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some-bunny is bringin’ new knowledge (pun intended)

You may have thought that LifeSavers Candy was only good for one thing. That thing may have been:

1. Crunching in the dark, with your mouth open, in front of a mirror to watch for sparks.

2. Potty training toddlers. (if you don’t know….I can’t help you here.)

3. Saving you from rancid “I just ate ______” breath.

4. Saving others from your rancid “I just ate _______” breath.

5. Bribing your children to behave during _________.

6. Proposing romantically to the twig-like girlfriend with crazy skinny fingers.

But the truth is, there are two more fantastic uses for this every day breath freshener. To learn more about this…and find out how all of this relates to a bunny…check out my newest auction item on E-Bay!  10 points for every friend you share this with!!!!  THANKS for your prayers and support!!!

For real though…take a moment to tweet the link? Post as a status update?  E-blast to your grandma’s domino group? 🙂



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3 thoughts on “some-bunny is bringin’ new knowledge (pun intended)

  1. I clicked on the link but it gave me an error message:( And I really wanted to know what lifesavers have to do with adoption. BTW, thanks for writing for me last week!

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