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Check out our auction!!

Hey friends/family/readers/accidental stop-by-ers!!

We’re going to try something out, because we’ve heard of it working very well for others.  We’re going to be holding an online “Anderson Adoption Auction” through Facebook!  Right now we’re in the process of gathering anything we can:

– items you’re willing to donate that may be valuable to someone out there

– items you make/crafts you do that others might want to bid on

– services you offer – are you a stylist? a plumber? electrician?  We’d love to collect bids on anything you could donate, and get you some great advertising in the process!  (sidenote: I told Sarah perhaps I should auction off doing someones Wedding down the road.  She nixed that idea.)

– Anything else you can think of!?

No matter where you live, or how we know each other, you can get involved!  Just e-mail me by clicking the “Contact” button above, and I’ll respond to get more details on your item/services!  For now, head on over to the Facebook Group, so you can help us publicize it to all of your friends as well, and join to stay tuned to all the great items that we’re already hearing about!!

When it’s time for the auction to begin, we will post pictures for each item, and bidding will take place by people posting their bids as “comments” under the item.  When the auction has ended, items can be shipped directly from the person donating it, as soon as they hear we’ve received payment!  It’s that simple!

Thanks so much, together with your help, we hope to bring our daughter home this year!!



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