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adoption praxis

“PRAXIS” – 1. practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills.

We’re in the midst of an international adoption from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  We began this journey for many reasons, among the top being God’s call for His followers to care for the orphans and widows.  Also, the call in Deuteronomy to pass on foundational God-Love to our children using every moment of our existence.  These are formative years in the greater life and testimony of our family, and there’s a little girl out there somewhere in her formative years who needs a family to love her and reveal God’s love for her.  Why international, and why the DRC?  There’ve been many answers to those questions, all leading to the path we’re currently on.  God is already using this journey to reveal Himself and transform hearts, confirming that we’re following rollercoasterHis lead.  We continue to yield our plan to His, and are open to whatever He has in store for us.

In the midst of learning all we can about the aspects of this journey, we continue to hear an ugly truth.  There are people out there, both parents and orphanages/organizations – who would put financial/personal gain as a priority in the midst of the orphan crisis.  Parents who’ve paid thousands, only to find out the child they’re holding has parents or grandparents who were paid to let their child go “to be in a better place”…yet they continue forward in adoption.  Orphanages that are paid generic “fees” to go out and locate a specific orphan to meet the qualifications of those paying.  We’re thankful for the path we’re on, and the openness of all involved.  We’re able to ask questions every step of the way, meet everyone involved, and investigate anything we think might not be kosher.  Some in the adoption process are not given such opportunities, and are in fact often discouraged from asking questions or doing their own investigating.

You don’t have to search long to find stories of adoption corruption and mis-using children for personal gain.  There are great voices emerging as those who have grown from such experiences of investigating and learning the truth about the situation they were in.  Stories they are passing down to future adoptive families of how to be faithful in this journey of earnestly wanting to join the body of Christ in caring for those God’s heart aches for.

For me, it’s definitely been a reminder of the importance to yield our plans to Gods on a daily basis.  To have the humility, and courage, to follow God and Truth over what I think should happen right now, or even next.  Yes, we believe this is the path God is calling us toward.  In reality, it may be more a situation of “God gave us several trees in the garden to choose from, and we love what we ‘re tasting of this fruit called ‘Loving the people and children of the DRC.'”  But it certainly seems like God was at least leading us into the garden, with a grin on his face saying, “Hey Anderson’s….why don’t you try tasting this?” in a way that He knows it’s about to transform our lives, and possibly others as well.

So how is this all an update?   It’s not really.  No new facts.  It’s me pausing in a moment of difficult waiting, to reflect on the journey we’re on.  To offer Him this journey once again.  To testify that we still don’t know exactly where this will all lead, but we know who we depend on every step of the way.   Our family is so glad He is with us…




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  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to research everything and are with a good organization. We’ve been studying Africa in homeschool. If you have any book suggestions or website links to recommend, let me know!

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