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How to Roast Coffee in a Wok

I love coffee. I’d heard about roasting my own coffee beans at home, but so many roasters out there cost a lot of money. Then there’s the option of converting a hot-air popcorn popper into a roaster, but I’m not handy enough to trust myself there. Then I read a book where a woman was roasting coffee beans over an open flame in a frying pan in Africa….it made me want to give it a shot. It’s very easy, and worth it for the flavor and appreciation you gain for coffee in general. Hope you enjoy!

Wooden Spoon
Heat-Safe Bowl & Foil
Green Coffee Beans – (Check out !!!)
Air-tight Container for Storage once cooled. (store in a dry, room temperature place with little or no sunlight to ensure the beans retain maximum flavor!)

I made this video for the winner of our Adoption Facebook Auction, but have posted it publicly so that anyone can check it out! If you’ve enjoyed it, feel free to donate and help us bring our daughter home!! Simply click the “BOTH HANDS” link on the right side of the page!



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