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five minute friday: jump

Here we go again with another “Five Minute Friday” post!  To learn more about “Five Minute Friday” (FMF), check out the linked image here.  Basically, each week there’s a word given for you to write about.  You start writing, no back-tracking, editing, etc.  At the end of 5 minutes, you stop.  Then you post it, and share in the community of words that were birthed during these 24-ish hours.  It’s cool stuff.
So here’s this week’s response to the word: “jump”.

“daa-aaaaadd!!  Watch!”  She yells to me for the  5th time that morning.  She’s discovered how to jump.  She’s already proven she can clear the distance of her favorite book.  Well, as long as she can separate her feet.  But here she is, teetering dangerously high on the edge of our first step.  I can barely handle the tension as her toes are clearly almost a foot off the floor.

There’s no way.   She’s not going to make this.

Keeping both feet together in an act of defiance so bold is makes me gasp without trying, she launches herself several inches forward off of that pinnacle.  It’s only a moment before she reaches the ground, first with her feet, and next with her knees and hands.  She rolls forward and to the side a bit.  I see her giant smile before she even jumps up to announce to me what I’ve just witnessed was exactly what she intended.  Arms raised somehow higher than her smile, she yells “Ta-da!!”  And I applaud, genuinely applaud – more excited than I was to see David Copperfield back in Vegas several years ago.

Someday her jumps will get bigger.  Off of fences.  Off the diving board.  Off an overhanging branch into a river.  Off the edge of selfishness, and into love for others.  Off of pursuing the American dream, and into God’s Kingdom work.  Off of comfort, and into a risky new adventure we’re both unsure of.  She’ll look at mom and dad with a smile on her face, and we’ll jump into a standing ovation….so very proud of our little girl…


I hope I get to applaud tomorrow….:)



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22 thoughts on “five minute friday: jump

  1. oh beautiful! you put it so well, those small jumps that turn into bigger and bigger life events as time goes on, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Dear Wick
    Your love for your daughter always brings a warm feeling to my heart! Yes, they grow up quickly and their jumps gets more dangerous, but we as parents are always there to pick them up when they fall!

  3. This makes me smile. 🙂 My little guy’s 2 and a half. Thanks for sharing this!! Stopping by from FMF.

  4. I love this. Some times it is so hard to let go and let them jump when we know the dangers that they could be jumping into all the while praying that they land on their feet.

  5. What a beautiful image! Love her ‘TA DA!’ at the end of her leap! I hope she remembers that when she’s up to her knees in ‘Kingdom Work!’

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